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Part 1 Detailed Contents List 

Part 1A  The Law Society’s Victims, Materials:  

Tables, Diagrams, Law, Documents Page 1-Page 142

Part 1B   How the Intervention Fraud  Works 

B1.  What’s really behind Fraudulent Interventions? Page 143-Page 202

B2.   How for nearly half a century, UK’s judges have been determining the wrong application with the wrong  wording, made under  the wrong procedure in interventions which have never taken place under provisions which Parliament has not knowingly enacted  Page 203-Page 292 

B3.    Anal  Sheikh v The Law Society (2005) EWHC 1409 (CH),  Anal  Sheikh v The Law Society (2006) EWCA CIV 1577,  Anal  Sheikh v The Law Society (2007) House of Lords, Anal  Sheikh v The UK Government  51144/07 (2010) ECHR 649 (23 April 2010)  Page 293-Page 376

B4.     September 2007- October 2007. The Red River Conveyancing and Mortgage Fraud. Lord Briggs of Westbourne, Lord Kitchin, Sir Colin Rimer , Sir John Chadwick, the Law Society and others steal the title to the Stoke Newington Development Site Page 377-Page 689

B5.     Are those in power stupid, corrupt or terrified? The State’s responses to the Law Society’s Intervention Fraud and the Red River Conveyancing and Mortgage Fraud Page 690-Page 860

Part 1C  Why all Interventions undertaken under 

the Law Society’s Fraudulent Intervention Procedure

 have to be set aside ex debito justicae  Page 860

Part 1D  How Fraudulent Interventions Work

D1  The Law Society’s bogus pre Intervention procedures  Page 860-Page 973

D2  The real purpose of Investigations:  theft of  data and the weaponization of documents and information stolen from the Solicitor, money laundering and the imitation of court proceedings. Page 974-Page 1034

D3   The Fraudulent Cash Shortage Allegation (£41,125) Page 1035-Page 1038

D4   Round Sum Transfers: How the Law Society generated £5m in legal fees from  6 years of litigation involving 125 lawyers, when all it had to do was open a file and look at it Page 1039-Page 1149

D5   The ‘Smoking Gun’ Round Sum Transfer (Strupcweski £25 copying bill notified in Estate Accounts, but not entered in Office Account) Page 1150-Page 1151

D6   Overcharging (Thirkettle) Page 1152- Page 1319

D7   Timothy Dutton KC CBE’S Fraudulent Advice to the Law Society’s’ High Profile Litigation Committee. Money laundering Stage 2 layering Page 1320- Page 1606

D8   The conspiracy between the Law Society, Treverton Jones KC, Radcliffes, Saffron, Dutton, and others to  steal the £254,000 Sheikh-NRAM Remortgage Monies Page 1607-Page 1762

D9   Ahmed & Co. Biebucyk Solicitors, Dixon & Co & Ors Re: Solicitors Act 1974 (2006) EWHC (Timothy Dutton KC and Patricia Robertson KC acting   used to integrate the stolen proceeds Page 1763-Page 1813

Part 1E  The Law Society and the UK’s Judiciary’s 

Cruel and Inhuman Treatment of Solicitors

 E1   Materials Page 1814 – Page 1918

E2   The reasons for torture Page 1919  - Page 1920

E3   The torture is in the stripping of the Victim of everything he owns in a single moment of time by some absurd means 

E4   Litigation vortex used to torture Victim

E5   No relief from torture because the judges are his torturers

E6   The psychology of the torturer and the torture techniques used

E7   The Intervention Fraud dependent on torture

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