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Part 2A  The Solicitors Acts of 1941, 1957, 1965  and  1974

 (as enacted) and the Administration of  Justice Act 1985:

 the material provisions and passage through Parliament

  Page 1-Page 295

C2  The Solicitors Act 1974, the Administration of Justice Act 1985, and the discharge of the Council’s functions Page 388-Page 411

Part 2 Detailed Contents List

Part  2B  The Solicitors Acts of 1941, 1957, and 1965:

 the evolution of the Schedule 1 Provisions 

Page 296-Page 382

Part 2C   How, for 50 years, the Law Society has

bamboozled, duped and deceived Parliament,

the High Court, Court of Appeal , UK’s Supreme Court, 

and the European Court of Human Rights

C1   Parliamentary processes Page 383-Page 387

C3 How the Law Society exploited Parliament’s confusion and  ignorance  about the Intervention Procedure Page 412-Page 541

C4    Materials relevant to Part 2C5 Page 542-Page 675

C5 Since 1974 UK’s judges have been determining the wrong application with the wrong  wording, made under  the wrong procedure in interventions which have never taken place under provisions which Parliament has not knowingly enacted  Page 676-Page 1112

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